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5205 Presidents Ct

Frederick, MD 21703


OUR Hours

Sunday - Thursday

11:00 AM - 09:30 PM

Friday - Saturday

11:00 AM - 10:00 PM

Last call 15 minutes before closing time


11:00 AM - 3:30 PM

Any main course on regular and lunch menu comes with a complimentary first course

Complimentary First Course 

Deep Fried Vegan Potstickers / Chicken Tom Yum Soup

Main Course 

Chicken, Tofu or Vegetables 10/ Shrimp or Beef 12

Pad Thai

Spicy Basil

Pad Pakk

Green Curry

Panang Curry

Thai Fried Rice

january - april  SPECIALS


Hoy Jhor  7  

Crab meat, shrimp, chicken, water chestnut, scallion wrapped in bean curd sheet, fried and served w/ plum-ginger sauce (gluten free)


Yum Woon Sen (Bean Thread Noodles Salad)   10  (2/5 Spicy Level)

W/ shrimp, ground pork, Vietnamese pork roll, sun-dried shrimp, shallot, carrot, peanut, scallion, celery, cherry tomato tossed w/ chili-lime sauce (gluten free option available) 


Herbal Chicken  15  (0/5 Spicy Level)

Crispy chicken sautéed w/herbal oyster sauce topped w/ crispy basil


Tai pla* (Southern-Style Sautéed Fish Guts)  16  (5/5 Spicy Level)

*this item has a VERY intense flavor & tends to be on the salty side. Please ask yourself if you are ADVENTUROUS enough to try. 

W/ shrimp, grilled mackerel, bamboo shoot, string beans, Thai eggplant, baby corn, cashew nut sided w/ chilled vegetables and medium-boiled egg (gluten free option available)


Pla Lui Suan (Deep Fried Whole Fish) (Gluten Free)   20  (3/5 spicy level)

Fried White Sea Bass topped w/herbs, cashew nut, dried chili and chili paste-lime sauce (gluten free)



3:30 PM - 6:30 PM


$4 Mimosa

$5 Spirits w/ Drink Mixers

$5 Wine

$7  2xAsian Beers

$5 APPETIZERS (Dine In Only)

Crispy Rolls / Calamari / Chicken Satay / Shrimp Parcels / Thai Dumplings


W/ Take Out or Delivery ($30 minimum/During Happy Hour Only)